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Iznate - History

Hispano Islamico
The greatest influence in todays
village is clearly hispano islamico

Eight centuries of islamic occupation
left their marks in the urban layout,
narrow winding streets, peaceful corners, with the balconies almost touching overhead providing pleasant shade in summer and warm shelter in winter.

In 1487 Hisn Aute surrenders to the
christian forces together with Vélez and the Axarquía in the Granada war.

The hamlet of Iznate becomes a mudejar village. The area loses almost its entire population in 1570 during the expulsion of the moors and it took many years to recover.

In 1574 under the noble Pelaez by orders of Philip II 59 families from Estepona, Antequera and other places are offered land and settle in the area.

Pasas de Iznate
As time passes Iznate becoms known as an interesting place with a rich agricultural heritage. Famous is the Iznate moscatel grape from which excellent wines and delicious raisins - pasas - are obtained.

Marqués de Iznate
In 1864 Alfonso XII appoints Antonio
Campos y Garin - of one of Iznates oldest families - to be senator of the kingdom and count of Iznate, a culminating moment for Iznate and the province of Málaga.

Hins Aute

The name Iznate comes from the
Islamic Hins Aute - Castle of Aute -
which existed on the hilltops above
the village.

The Castle formed part of the
moorish defence system of Velez-

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