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Fiestas in Iznate

Three Kings Parade

The three wise men travel through the
village streets giving out sweets.
When they arrive at the town square
individual gifts are handed out to
every child in the village.
In february carnaval is being celebrated
with choral groups and a costume ball.


Virgin de los Dolores

The fiesta for the villages patron saint is
celebrated the Friday before Semana
Santa - Holy Week - with a procession in
honour of the Virgen, traditional races on
horseback and bicycle, piñata de botijos,
- smashing a candy jar - fireworks and
dancing with an orchestra until dawn.


May the Third

This day is celebrated with a pilgrimage
with carts and carriages covered with
flowered crosses. Highlight of the day is
the hornazo - a typical sweet from Iznate.


June 13 - San Antonio

The feast day of San Antonio de Padua
who's throne is carried through the
streets in a procession.


Dia de la Uva Moscatel
The Day of the Muscatel Grape
This is held the first Saturday of August.
A gastronomic route is organized through
the village with free tasting of all the
typical dishes. At night there will be a
party at the town square where everyone


September 8 - Candelaria
Bonfires are lit in and around the village.
There will be singing and dancing
accompanied by good food and local wine.
With these bonfires evil spirits are
symbolically burnt so next season's
grape crop will be better than ever.


Winter fiestas
During the second half of december there
are exhibitions of painting, sculpture,
theatre for young and old, puppet shows,
mini olympics, a local race, a competition
of typical local food, choral concerts and
a concert by the Málaga Symphony

  .: Verdiales on the town square  

Semana Santa

The most important fiesta in Iznate (and probably the rest of Spain) is Semana Santa - the Holy Week before Eastern.

The week starts processions on Monday, Thursday and Good Friday.

On Easter Sunday a mass is celebrated at noon followed by a colourful procession towards the Santo Christo chapel. Once there, villagers act in an impressive play representing Saint Peter and the other apostles finding the risen Christ.
The play ends with a salute of guns and fireworks.

Now the real fiesta begins with the long awaited free paella, the free vino de moscatel and folklore dancing.



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